Club Curiosity events are elite gatherings held 4 times per year.

A Club Curiosity event caters to a diverse group of open minded individuals, while coming together in a common experience unlike any other.

Upcoming Events


The dates are not yet set, but the Curiosity Guides are vaccinated, and waiting on those Curiosity Seekers who are also the same. Let’s gather safely, and fulfill fantasies you didn’t even know you had!

NYC Spring 2023   2 – 6pm


So … the event of your life has come and gone (speaking of our play party of course), but there are hours before you return to your normal everyday existence. How do you keep the excitement and passion going, before getting on that plane or going back into the office the next morning? We suggest contacting one or more of our amazing Curiosity Guides as soon as you’ve been registered to attend, and arranging a more intimate rendezvous.

Dinner Dates

After an afternoon of carnal delights, one can develop quite the appetite, so why not share dinner with one of your lovely Curiosity Guides? Maybe share “dessert” back at their or your place. Bon Appétit

Turndown Service

You might need to catch your breath, reflect on all the debauchery, and refresh for a bit, but now the wonderful images have you stirring again. Nothing could be better than the ultimate “turndown service” prior to slumbering in dreamland. Have one or more of our Curiosity Guides join you later in the evening, to help  extinguish the passion that still burns. We’re most certain it will be sweeter than any chocolate placed on your pillow.

Upon screening, and entry fee payment, feel free to reach out directly to the Curiosity Guide/s of your choice to make arrangements. If you are a bit shy, feel free to contact us directly and one of our staff will assist in making sure the evening will be as memorable as the afternoon of Club Curiosity.

Our Guides

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Kelly Johansson

Curiosity Guide

Carmen Starr

Curiosity Guide

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Club Curiosity Parties

NYC ~ Privé