Frequent Questions

What happens at a Club Curious Event?

The precise happenings of all club events are privy only to the participants. You can expect a carnal exploration of indulgence in a safe and discrete space. All manner of responsible carnal curiosity is welcomed, and Guides who specialize in various areas of the carnal arts will be present to lead and support you through your exploration. You can expect a positive and supportive play space. Your boundaries will always be respected, and hard and soft limits will be established so that we know the difference in yours.

Who is invited to a Club Curious Event?

Curiosity Seekers of appropriate legal age, who maintain a respectful, indulgent presence within the group and value investing in their experience. Whether someone is beginning their exploration or is experienced in indulgent play, their presence and participation level is respected at all times, by everyone. People who wish to push their own boundaries into deeper spaces, learn more about their desires and needs, practice clear communication and are eager to share a mutually satisfying experience with fellow Curiosity Seekers are welcome. Whether you identify as a man, woman, gender non-binary, gay, lesbian, bi-curious, bi-sexual, pansexual… any other identity or none at all, you are welcome here as a Curiosity Seeker.

I would like to participate as a voyeur only. Is that allowed?

Absolutely! This is a space for you to explore your curiosity. You are welcome here to watch others as you indulge your visual desires. Our guides will gently take you through the process and provide you with plenty to indulge your voyeuristic curiosities with us. Voyeurism is often the first place people feel comfortable learning about their likes, dislikes and desires. Perhaps you find yourself pushed into brand new territory, and perhaps you won’t. Either way, you are welcome here as a voyeur.

I am very shy, but warm up once I feel comfortable. I am not sure how to begin or proceed but I do know .I am interested. Do you have any advice to help me navigate this?

Absolutely! The very first thing you should do is read each page on this website. Familiarize yourself with Club Curiosity Guides and Events. Once we have confirmed your intent to attend, a Guide will be in touch with you to lead you through the process to help you understand what to expect and prepare yourself to have the best possible time! Your entire participation in Club Curiosity Events is based upon respect for boundaries defined in part by hard and soft limits. Club Curiosity Guides are here to support you throughout your entire exploration experience, at the level of your choosing.

I am unsure of what terms are appropriate to use and I am worried I might offend someone. How do I know what term a Guide prefers I use when I address them?

Terms that will offend guides and participants include “Tranny” and “She-Male.” These terms are often used to disparage people and they are not welcome in our space. While we understand that you are in a learning process, this is a very important starting point for us. If you are unsure of a term, you are welcome to respectfully and in the spirit of learning approach a Guide to ask.

How do I know what is an appropriate boundary with each participant in a group event?

Communication is fostered at each event so that boundaries are clearly established for everyone present. Speaking up when you feel the need to take a step back or stop altogether is important. Consent and respect are the foundations of this space and of Club Curiosity’s values. However, we will also gently push your boundaries when we perceive you need encouragement. The process to establishing these begins once we have confirmed your intent to attend a Club event.

Where do I sign up for parties & how much does it cost?

Details are only given to prescreened clients.

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