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"Club Curiosity Play Party"

Welcome, Elite Curiosity Seeker! It seems you have curated your curiosity and desires toward an even bolder step than ever by landing here.… or perhaps you have delved into your curious quests before. Hedonist attraction may have brought you here, but something much deeper will keep you coming back. Guides, members and participants of Club Curiosity know best that indulgence in what makes them curious serves both to satisfy and intensify their curiosities. It often takes them deeper places to understand and explore.

So, Curiosity Seeker… are you ready to go further?

If you are, you are likely well acquainted with all manners of hedonism, and are not intimidated by words like bondage, orgy parties, bull domination, voyeurism, TS worship, bi- curious play, cuckold play, and sissy role-play… Does that cover it? Most likely, it does not… and you are in good company.

This is only the beginning. Our Club Curiosity Parties invite you to reveal and share new parts of yourself… to yourself as well as with others. They are safe spaces, created for Seekers to indulge, grow and enjoy the carnal pleasures of the flesh. Curiosities are explored here within safe boundaries within every layer of mutual consent. There is no shame in your responsible fetish… unless of course shame is your spark of kink.

Club Curiosity members and participants find themselves in an elite circle. It is the only club of it’s kind… and meets only 4 times per year. Spring and Fall Club Curiosity events take place in NYC and Privé. Curiosity Seekers who live in or travel to these cities are welcome to reach out about seasonal events.

Now, Curiosity Seeker… are you ready to go even further?

Visit FAQs page for answers to some of your immediate curiosities, and Events page for information about Club Curiosity events near you.

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