Open to males, females & couples, the “Curious ‘Bois’ Play Party” is limited availability. Open to 6 – 8 discreet, screened & hygienic subs, switches, or tops.

Not a typo, but a play on words … gen-x for “boys” and the French word “Bois” means wood and we all know what it means when a man has “wood”. To be someone’s “Fuck Boi” implies you are someone’s / anyone’s sexual plaything. Now that you know, come here “boi” and play with us … all of us!

We had a total of 11 sexy bodies entwined in June, 13 in September and 18 in November! Will you be one of the the lucky ones in attendance, for this phenomenal experience of seduction, sensuality and exploration?

Parties are only held in private & luxurious environments with all provided amenities … including sex slings .

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